Prayvine is a web app that provides missionaries/humanitarian workers and their supporters the opportunity to stay connected. It is essentially a social media platform but has tools specifically designed to help those "in the field" stay connected with friends and family.

I had the opportunity to develop both the brand as well as the app design itself. The app is currently in a phase 1 and you can view the landing page here. The designs you see below are for v2.0. 

The Logo is meant to convey a sense of community and connection. The idea of the circle plays directly into the functionality of the site. There is a focus on a concept entitled, "prayer circles" where you can form specific groups for any given focus. There are a lot of statistics that point toward humanitarian workers and missionaries that feel a certain depression and other symptoms due to lack of community. 
The web app (for both desktop and mobile users) has a lot of functionality. I intentionally designed it to allow future tools to be added. You'll notice along the left side there is plenty of room to add in more functionality as the app grows.
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