Digital Illustration

Timelapse Video
Tools: Adobe After Effects.

Hourly screenshots: The entire process took 28 hours.

Tools: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

One More Thing

On a personal level, and perhaps this is not the place to share this (but I definitely wanted to somewhere), Steve Jobs had a dramatic impact on my life. I started using Apple computers back in OS9 days on a PowerMac 9700. I have long been a fan of Apple... using laptops, desktops, iPads and the iPhone... I still remember losing my mind over the first iMac G5 design. As a graphic designer and artist, Apple and Adobe have been the foundation upon which I do my work. A huge thanks to this man, and the many others who have worked insanely hard over at Apple and Adobe. 


ps. I would love to give proper credit to the photographer. If by some miracle someone knows, please let me know. I searched for quite a while and couldn't find that information.

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